Welcome to CTIE, the Cyber Threat Intelligence Extractor, a light-weight tool to quickly extract Indicators of Compromise (IoC) from multiple reports.

What is CTIE?

CTIE is a light-weight .NET application to quickly extract indicators of compromise from reports and export them into convenient file formats for network administrators, network defenders and cyber intelligence analysts.

Why do I need CTIE?

More and more reports are coming out everyday and can easily overwhelm any analyst or any administrator. You certainly do not have the time to go throught all of these reports to copy/paste and craft rules or reports from scratch. CTIE automates this process for you: it reads files from different formats, extracts the IoC you need and outputs them in a convenient file format.

How does it work?

  1. Select the documents you want to analyze
  2. Select which kind of indicators you want to extract
  3. Review the results and discards unneeded indicators
  4. Save to a file format of your choosing!

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